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Cobras are bad! Not nice at all. Some can even spit their venom into your eyes. If bitten on the leg you can possibly stop the flow of poison by applying a tight tourniquet above the bite, but venom in the eyes is hard to control.

My name is Don Ranney. I worked in India as an orthopedic surgeon, reconstructing hands, feet and faces deformed by leprosy. When my wife was in hospital, after giving birth to our fourth child, I was left to look after the other three. What a mistake that was! My oldest son was at another child's birthday party and on the way home, even though supposedly well supervised, he was bitten by a snake.

Normally I'm a real cool dude. I can handle any kind of emergency without getting excited. But when it's your own son, and something goes wrong when you're in charge -- well I panicked. I looked for something to tie around the top of his leg to stop the blood taking poison to his heart and beyond. I found a belt my wife used (couldn't use my own as I only had one and needed it to hold my pants up). But it was fairly elastic and I never did get a snug hold on his thigh.

We took him to the nearby university hospital for treatment and I worried all the way there because the tourniquet wasn't tight enough to stop the flow of blood. That turned out to be a very good thing. Because I was somewhat of a local celebrity, we got the red carpet treatment. My son, Alan, had to have the best treatment possible and that meant a five specialists had to give their opinions. As the time went by, I kept looking at his VERY BLUE leg and checking that he still had pulses in his foot. If the pulse stopped for more than an hour or so he'd possibly lose his leg.

After five specialists had checked him over and had a conference, the nurse started an intravenous set-up with a liter of dextrose in saline. We still didn't know if the snake was a cobra but they decided to give him cobra anti-venom. In case he had a reaction to the anti-venom, they planned to give him a test dose. In case he reacted against that, they first would give him intravenous cortisone. BUT THE NURSE PUT IT IN THE BOTTLE and not directly into his veins. So we had to wait all night while a litre of fluid containing intravenous cortisone passed into this 7-year old boy's body before he got the test dose, and then the anti-venom. Clearly he would have died from the venom if he had been bitten by a cobra.

Now the doctors had talked in fromt of him about all the possible disasters that could occur, from death to allergic reaction to losing his leg, and no one seemed to realize this had scared him to death. But after all the "captains and kings" had departed he looked up at me and quietly said, "Daddy, when you die Jesus makes you alive again, doesn't he?" I assured him he did and squeezed his hand gently. But a miracle wasn't necessary and he survived the night, simply because it wasn't a cobra that bit him.

And because of my disgustingly poor touriquet he didn't lose his leg.

The Cobra is evil personified, I mean Satan. Satan laughs when Christians act like they are his folllowers. On the cover of the novel When Cobras Laugh, this cobra (Satan) is sitting on the cross which God's followers have pushed in the dust by making mistakes--by doing what the Devil wants instead of what God wants. Some are openly racist, others make promises without any intention to keep them, or they do what is expedient instead of what is right. In that book we describe events that happened to me in India and to my friend and co-author, Ray wiseman, when he went to Africa.

OK, IT IS A WORK OF FICTION. Sometimes the events described didn't happen to one of us as authors but to people one of us knew. Also we changed names of people and places to avoid possibly harming those who did wrong. Even though they did bad things we forgive them and condemn no one. God has been very good to us and we want to pass along to everyone our joy. But the story is true and must be told, even if in a fictionalized way.

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On looking back over the many years of her exciting life, she recently said, "I am proud of three things in my life. I raised four children without the help of any man, I married a doctor, and now I am a university student." After completing four years of Fine Art Studies she has produced some fantastic art, some of which you can see on her web domain.