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Don Ranney

This Toronto-born orthopedic surgeon went to India in 1969 to spend his life helping leprosy sufferers through reconstructive surgery. He also trained five surgeons, wrote two medical books and published 14 scientific papers. While studying surgery in England he served briefly as a medical officer in the British Special Air Service and remains today the Canadian Point of Contact for the SAS Regimental Association.

On returning to Canada, he established the School of Anatomy at the University of Waterloo in Ontario where he was an associate professor for twenty years and published 112 scientific articles. Currently Don continues to do research on chronic pain and helps those injured in motor vehicle accidents obtain a fair settlement through their lawyers by providing detailed orthopaedic assessments written with the skill of a professional writer.

Creative writing includes numerous articles published in The Medical Post, and a prize-winning article in Stitches, a magazine of medical humor. These stories and others will one day be published as a semi-autobiographic account of his life, which includes a series of death defying experiences. In his spare time, he also enjoys downhill skiing, rollerblading (at age 76) and ballroom dancing.

Visit Don Ranney's website at: www.ahs.uwaterloo.ca/~ranney

Ray Wiseman

Ray Wiseman's early memory -- being pushed up a rope ladder and over the side of a tramp steamer at age two -- set the tone for his life. He has spent much time traveling, and most of his life looking from the hilltop of one adventure to the beginning of the next. Born in England, Ray has lived in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario, and South Africa. He has traveled in Africa and Asia.

Ray counts writing as his fourth career. He began his working life as an electronics technician, then returned to school to study for the Christian ministry. He spent time in the pastorate and overseas with a missionary society. He returned to electronics, working as a video systems engineer. In 1993, he took early retirement to pursue a career as a writer and speaker and to dedicate more time to the work of Partners International.

Ray graduated from Radio College of Canada (now RCC College of Technology) in 1952. He earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Waterloo and a Bachelor of General and Biblical Studies from Briercrest Bible College. He has also studied at the Toronto Institute of Christian Communications (Daystar University College) in Nairobi.

Ray is a member of The Canadian Authors Association and was a founding board member of The Word Guild, an association of Canadian authors and writers who are Christian.

Named Raymond Stanley Wiseman, Ray soon shortened that to Raymond S. Wiseman, to Raymond Wiseman, and eventually to Ray Wiseman.

Visit Ray Wiseman's website at: www.ray.wiseman.ca